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Our Products and Services

At TECNOMED 2000 we import, distribute, and  commercialize medical devices and supplies throughout the spanish market.

Our customers are public hospitals, public and private clinics as well as doctors´consultations.

We focus on the training of our sale force as well as on the development of our wide net of free agents and dealers who help as to  cover the whole national territory.

Our experienced technicians provide technical support for the installation of new devices, assistance during the warranty period and preventive & post-sale maintenance.

TECNOMED 2000 core activities and services are:


TECNOMED 2000 holds an import licence (number 4305-PS)distribución e importación de material medico TECNOMED 2000 issued by the AEMPS (Agencia Española del Medicamento y Producto Sanitario – Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products) which allows our company to import medical products from around the world.

Not only we import medical products but also we assist our suppliers to fulfill all spanish customs requirements such as labelling, certificates, etc in order to avoid delays or rejections.


TECNOMED 2000 has more than 25 years of experience inTECNOMED 2000 material para crioterapia putting on the market innovative and high-tech medical products.

We are involved in all processes related to the commercialization of products: translation of catalogs and manuals, marketing and promotion, training of sales staff and customers.

TECNOMED 2000 has an experienced sales team that attends marketing and sales sessions with manufacturers as well as congresses and seminars in order to be updated about products, features and latest technologies.

We achieve to cover all the spanish market thanks to long-term partnerships with dealers and sub-distributors who closely cooperate with us.

Commercial Assistance

Our main purpose is to take care of customer advice accordingasistencia comercial material medico tecnomed 2000  to his needs and expectations, servicing and sale of medical products.

Our main competence is an extensive knowledge of the market that allows us to advise the customer offering best buy quality products.

Technical Support

TECNOMED 2000 technical support department is also ISO 9001 certified.Our experienced engineers are involved in:

  • Technical assistance
  • After sale service
  • Preventive and Corrective maintenance
  • Product demonstration, configuration, calibration and installation

They are also responsible for customer training in technical matters as well as in the product operation.

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